Freeze Your PAP Membership


It will automatically restart you subscription after the selected months and you card will be charged.
You will not have access but your points and status will be saved when you return.

ALL MEMBERS: Please note before canceling/freezing:

  1. 1) If canceling, your entire account will be reset, and returning in the future will result in a brand new account. All points, progress, and saved lessons will be lost.
  2. 2) If canceling, your monthly/quarterly/annual member status will be reset.
  3. 3) Membership may be closed in the future or the price may increase.
  4. 4) Freezing keeps your account intact and you will not lose points, progress, or saved lessons. However, you will not have access during your freeze period. Download any material you wish to work on outside of the Producer Accelerator Program before freezing.
  5. 5) Anything you’ve downloaded to your computer is yours to keep. However, access to the site will cease upon cancellation / during freeze period.